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“We equip startups with the right tools to be their own legal advocates, using cutting-edge technology to create legal documents simply and quickly.”

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Our Mission

Legaldocx was founded with the idea of breaking down the barriers that exist between the legal world and Startups that need to get things done in a fast and easy way.

Legal forms can be daunting, filled with legal loopholes and confusing terminology. Which is why people often resort to the help of an experienced lawyer to guide them through the process. However, this often comes at a great cost, which can be prohibitive for those who need legal help the most.

That’s why we created Legaldocx.co.za, an online tool that provides a fast and easy way for startups to get access to legal documents.


Legaldocx provides legal document templates to African Startups and Small businesses. We provide this through an online tool with information on the site for self-help purposes only and does not intend to be a substitute for a lawyer or professional legal advice. Legaldocx helps startups with privacy policies, safety policies, return policies, disclaimer, terms of use, terms of service and terms and conditions documents.

We help marketplaces, online shops, booking sites and on-demand services with documents for their business. The greatest problem faced by most African startups is being legally vulnerable in the beginning phase of the startup before it raises funding or accumulates revenue. 

The biggest advantage of international startups is that they can structure their businesses in a way that helps them avoid legal problems at the early stages of their business, but African startups do not have a platform that helps them protect themselves from any unforeseen problems.

Legaldocx helps startups in setting up their shareholder agreements (with the vesting of shares) in order to create a business that is properly structured for growth. Legaldocx provides startups with contract templates for their first service contracts.